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Mapuordit - South Sudan

In Mapuordit, South Sudan, the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, medical and educational professionals from many countries, wonderful volunteers and increasing numbers of locals focus on education, health, and welfare to improve the way of life in the area:        


 OLSH Overseas Aid (AUD)  Year
 $63,000  2014
 $92,000  2013
 $104,500  2012

OLSH Overseas Aid provides textbooks, library books, stationery, IT equipment, training etc, as well as contributing to the Comboni School building project. Click here for more information about the school. Adult education programs such as hairdressing and tailoring are providing employment opportunities for women.

Health Care

 OLSH Overseas Aid (AUD)  Year
 $61,905  2014
 $58,433  2013
 $57,200  2012
 $72,525  2011
 $69,350  2010
 $41,000  2009

Mary Immaculate Hospital - OLSH Overseas Aid provides support for:

  • Developmental projects such as ablutions block
  • Equipment such as solar refrigerators
  • Financial support for professional development of Sudanese nursing staff
  • Salary support for newly trained staff members


 OLSH Overseas Aid (AUD)  Year
 $101,000  2014
 $107,600  2013
 $134,399  2012

OLSH Overseas Aid provides financial support for:

  • Internally Displaced People due to tribal warfare
  • Skills development in agriculture and small business initiatives such as restaurants.
  • Water Points
  • Purchase and maintenance of a vehicle to enable outreach services.

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