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Projects supported by OLSH Overseas Aid are:

 OLSH Overseas Aid (AUD)  Year
$74,015 2014
 $28,203 (Hiann Cyclone Disaster Relief - ongoing)
 $67,278 2012
 $43,700 2011
 $26,540 2010
 $18,000 2009
  • Disaster relief and reconstruction support after Cyclone Hiann
  • Clinic in Marigondon - on the island of Cebu in southern Philippines.  This is mainly a maternity centre, but also includes general community health care. To read more, click here.
  • Clinic in Surigao
  • Nutrition Program - Marigondon and Cordova, Cebu. Malnourished children are regularly weighed and given nourishing food, including milk and Milo, and vitamins. There is also an education program for parents.
  • Nutrition and Tutorial Program in Matangtubig.
  • Income Generating Projects - such as piggery and poultry businesses in Cordova and Surigao – run by the locals.


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