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Clinic in Marigondon

PhilippineCLINICPHOTOS2011 300pxSince the establishment of our clinic 23 years ago until now it still continues to offer health services to the poor, not only to the residents of Marigondon but also to the neighboring villages and nearby islands. The establishment of factories and constructions of buildings as well as subdivisions have created jobs for the poor in our neighborhood and in the other villages as well, but many are still unemployed due to sickness and lack of qualification for the jobs available. These result in malnutrition and disease especially among the children, expectant mothers and old people.

Pre natal examinations are available for pregnant women who come to the clinic, most of them gave birth in our clinic. The difficult cases are referred to the hospitals giving them financial assistance and oftentimes using our vehicle to transport them.  Laboratory examinations are suggested for these patients especially for children and expectant mothers. Malnourished children are referred to the sister in-charge of the feeding program for evaluation.  Many of the children brought to the clinic are malnourished, because of poverty and sometimes because of ignorance about proper diet.

We give instructions to patients while they are waiting for their turn to see the doctor for consultation. This is mostly about proper care for themselves and spacing of children for the mothers.  Personal hygiene instruction is always a part of pre natal examination as well as the care of babies.

All of these activities would have been impossible without the support of generous and kindhearted donors, sponsors and benefactors. We are very grateful for the help you have extended to our poor and sometimes hopeless patients. Your generosity have brought hope and light to our poor and suffering people who have no resources to alleviate their suffering. Many thanks to the OAF personnel and staff for without you, all of this wouldn’t be possible.