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Monday, 07 March 2016 21:47

Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred heart Celebrating International Women's Day

As we celebrate International Women’s Day let us remember women everywhere and may we, through the intercession of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, do the good that is in our power to help all women sense their dignity and know deep within that they are loved by God.

From Australia

srtess murrinhpatha 350Sr Tess Ward

Deminhimpuk Francella Bunduck is the Religious Education coordinator at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic College for the Primary section of the school. Sr Tess Ward is the teacher-linguist at the College. They work together on the preparation of resources using the Murrinhpatha language for both the Murrinhpatha literacy program and the Religious education program. Here they are working on writing various Gospel texts at three levels, namely one for the early years, one for the middle years and one for upper primary classes. In addition, they prepare resources on Mary, Creation, the Sacraments and the numerous other units of work in the RE program. The Murrinhpatha literacy program spans the whole Primary school and this year it has been reintroduced to the Secondary section of the College.


srterie englishclass 350

Sr Terie McNamara

Each Tuesday evening, women who came to Australia from South Sudan and Sudan, via Egypt, attend English Language classes conducted by Sr Therese McNamara at the All Saints African Centre at Blacktown. Most of these women refugees have been from eight to ten years in Australia and find conversing in English difficult. However their children who either came with them as youngsters or were born here speak English with an Aussie accent. They are a delightful group of brave women, seeking the best for their  children.



From Papua New Guinea

olshsisters png 350Sr Elaine Cochrane

The OLSH Sisters from Papua New Guinea who are 15-25 years professed participated in a renewal course and retreat from the 3rd- the 17th January at Boroko. Twenty-five sisters participated. It was facilitated by Sr. Rosaleen O’Brien, Sr. Cathie Mwagioidi and Sr. Elaine Cochrane and Sr. Anna Matlaka.

Photo: Sisters attending the course in PNG

Above all be very kind and considerate towards each other; this will be a big comfort to you. Be always kind towards each person. Let all feel that you love them equally and that they can, in complete trust, open their hearts. It is in this way that you will win their trust and affection. Mother Marie Louise Hartzer    

South  Africa

Sr Sally Duigan

srsally sthafrica 250Lerato had given up hope by the time she was admitted to Holy Family Care Centre with Stage 1V AIDS.  The medical regime she was taking was not working for her.  In two months her viral load doubled.  Her CD4 count is dangerously low. Lerato is bright, clever, talented, and on the cusp of girlhood and womanhood.   She has dreams for the future.  No matter how ill she feels she boards the bus in the mornings to attend school.

Sometimes we have to fetch her from school. She will lie in the sick bay and sleep but by evening is ready to do her homework which her class mates bring her. Lerato has a beautiful smile and is very warm and caring. She inspires me every day and breaks my heart at the same time. Lerato is now on a new drug regime but one which has serious side effects. There is no guarantee it will work for her. We live in hope for Lerato who is one of 70 children being cared for by our OLSH Sisters in Holy Family, South Africa.  

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